Sunday, June 7, 2015

Planning by the Pool: Summer Blog Hop

Welcome!  Planning by the pool is a common occurrence down here in Florida.  It does make work more fun when you're sitting next to sparkling, blue water.  While I enjoy working outside, I usually use nap time at home to do most of my work for TpT.  It's quiet and air-conditioned :)
I work at a private school so we began summer break before Memorial Day. Needless to say I've worked several hours to try and put all my ideas down on paper. I can't work fast enough to keep up with my excitement! I know I'll only get a fraction of what I'd like to get done, but hopefully I'll put a dent in it.

All that to say here is one of my latest FREEBIES:

This {FREEBIE} includes:
  • Pledge poster
  • Pledge coloring page
  • Poster which shows correct hand placement for students to mirror
  • Pledge certificate (when they are able to say the pledge correctly

I am determined to continue saying the pledge every day with my students as long as I'm teaching.  We live in an amazingly free country, a privilege I do not want my students to take lightly.  I teach them proper respect for our county as they stand at attention to our flag.

I've become a big fan of posters.  They can be used in so many different ways:

  1. You can print them and post them around the room
  2. Make them into classroom book to place in your library (reinforce rules, pledges etc.) 
  3. Project them onto your white board and use as a teaching poster that doesn't take up any extra space
Follow my TpT store for some new items I'll be making this summer! Things like:
  • Numbers 0-10 pack
  • Thinking map lessons
  • A super Geography surprise!
  • Landforms craftivity
  • Going on a bear hunt
  • More classroom labels (let me know what themes you have in your room)

The list is so long I can't contain myself. Message me and let me know what YOU need in your class and I'll do my best to make it for you!  Until then, let these keep you busy as you plan for next year!

Thanks for hopping by!!  Hop on to your next stop for some more amazing activities! 


  1. Hi, I'm from Florida too. I agree that it's WAY to hot by the pool to work outside! The pledge posters are such a great idea! I checked out your TPT store and started following you. Thanks for the Freebie!

    Kerry Antilla