Thursday, June 4, 2015

Teachers Pay Teachers Store: Where do I start?

If anyone had told me a year ago that I would have a Teachers Pay Teachers store of my own with more than 35 items in it and a blog, I would have said they absolutely have the wrong girl.  I remember years ago a friend saying she should post something to TpT that she had made and I thought how ambitious that was.  I never thought I could make anything another teacher would ever use.  And to start with I didn't.  It started because I wanted to make some extra income for my family and has evolved into a passion that has made me a more organized and better prepared teacher.  All that while connecting with educators around the world! I had made something for a friend and thought, "Hey, maybe someone might want this." But where to start? What does it need to look like? What comes with the territory of owning a store on TpT? A blogger? Me?  I'm living proof that ANY teacher can be successful on TpT when they put time, energy and passion into it.  Here are some excellent resources I used to jump-start my store.

(If you already have some products ready to post, click this link and open up your store! What are you waiting for?)

Video Tutorials

Betsy Weigle's Classroom Caboodle has graciously posted several videos to YouTube that will help you get started.  There is a program you can purchase, but the free videos are a great starting point.  Listen to the educators who have been successful and copy their experience. Click the picture to take you straight to her blog.

Click the You Tube picture and it will take you to my playlists. I have selected several other tutorial videos that will help you get going!

TpT School

An absolute gem!  I stumbled upon this site on accident and the advice I followed from author Chris Kesler has been invaluable. EVERY topic you can imagine including several list-type posts (I'm a list and bullet point kind of person.)  Click on the picture above and you'll be directed to .  Sign up with your e-mail and you will be sent the e-book you see above in your inbox.   A definite MUST in your TpT library.

Premium Seller Status

DO NOT WAIT TO MAKE MONEY BEFORE YOU BECOME A PREMIUM SELLER! That's pretty much it.  Here is my experience. From September to January (with the basic, free membership), I made $7 total...the whole time.  I invested some of my birthday money and became a premium seller. The first month I made my investment back and have made a profit every month since.  What business can you invest in where you have low investment cost and profit within a month? I can't think of any. While I can't guarantee your success will be equal, I have not heard of anyone who is serious about their TpT store that has regretted spending the extra money to become a premium seller. Try it for a year, worse case you're out $60, but I doubt that will happen.  

So what have you got to loose?  More importantly what can you gain? Incredible resources to use in your classroom, collaborating with educators around the world, and maybe some money on the side.  Go for it.  I know you can do it.  Click the picture below to get your store started!

See you soon!


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