Tuesday, September 22, 2015
In this world of Pinterest, pictures of perfectly cleaned houses, beautiful home-made cakes and children's lunches in the shape of a butterfly near an apple tree, it's easy to feel like you're failing. I'm here to reasure you that...you are. If you hold your standard against everyone who has perfected their art in their particular category, you will never be able to match up to that. So I thought it fitting to set up this post to share one humble mom, teacher and wife's failures in hopes that you may be encouraged by my reality. But also what I hope for you to gain from this is joy back in your life to see what you ARE doing and how you are nailing it! 

WifeMom Failedit #1: What Clothes?

 Here you will see a pile of clean, but unfolded and exposed laundry. I'm sure I do not need to explain what this is because you are currently sitting near a similar pile, maybe less flat and possibly holding up the computer you are using. I know it doesn't help me always to think of what a blessing it is that I have clothes to fold when others don't so I will just say this... My #nailedit is that THEY ARE WASHED! Boom! Yes, they were put in the washer, WITH soap and properly transferred to the dryer...oh yes and I even laid them flat in a nice, neat pile on the couch. I'm blessed to have a husband that will fold these and put them away, but even if you don't, rejoice in the fact that you got this far. You go girl! Your child will not be wearing the same mustard stained shirt tomorrow as they did today. Celebrate!

 WifeMom Failedit #2: What was that?

 I can't tell you the last time I swept and mopped the floor. My baby just ate something off the floor, chewed it a little, then stuck his tongue out. I'm thankful to serve a God I can pray to and ask for His covering over my little one's body since I have no idea what that was....So my #nailedit is simple: I'm thankful there is nothing sticky on my floor. I can run the vacuum along the floor boards and give it what my mom calls "a lick and a promise" by swiping a wet paper towel around and call it a day.

 Failedit #3: No Dust Mites Allowed

 I honestly do not have any idea when I made my bed last. I'm not the last one out and frankly, that's one thing that I really want to do, but never get to and I just have to LET IT GO. (I'm sure you're all singing a familiar tune right now). My #nailedit is this...I've read several articles that say it's healthier for me and I have less dust mites than you in my bed. So there!

Teacher Failedit #4: Piles everywhere! 

I have an amazing assistant but there are some things that only I can go through and organize, like tests and papers. This is the reason for a desk right? So we can have piles? What else is it there to hold? Oh yeah, my coffee too :) My #nailedit is I was able to go through it all in 5 minutes and at least put them in neater piles in various places so it looks nicer. If you ever need justification, I'm your girl.

Teacher/mom Failed it #5: Bags Much?

 Much to my husband's dismay, I am a "bag lady" as he so lovingly refers to me. It's a fact, bags don't lie. It is the only way a mom and teacher can function right? Only when you have 10 bags, it doesn't really save much time or headache. My #nailedit is that I have found hooks for them all. That's right, I'm not getting rid of them, I will just make sure they're off the floor, that's all I can promise.

So there you have it.  One small voice on behalf of millions of hard working moms, wives and carreer women just bringing a little reality into your life.  Here are some resources you may find helpful in your struggle for perfection:

Have a perfectly imperfect day...and LOVE it!

~Minute Mommy


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