Friday, October 2, 2015

5-Minute Science Mondays

There are many things this year that we have implemented into our weekly routine and the following is one of my favorites.  The simplicity of it is very appealing and the results are exciting!  There are so many things we have to fit in our days.  Our scope and sequence are overwhelming, Rti, Common Core, administration, discipline, phone calls, e-mails....the list is never ending and we are overextending ourselves.  These 5-minute science Mondays are a way to fit in so many great ideas and benchmarks you won't ever want to do without them again.

To start, my friend, we'll call her Mrs. Neighbor, pasted a cover to a composition notebook to keep in the room by our science area.  The students can observe throughout the week and write or draw what they find. 

She has found several quick science explorations on Pinterest and lined them up for the year based on the season or other things we are covering in the curriculum.  Both classes come together and she discusses what she's going to be doing and has the students hypothesize about the experiment.  Yes that's what I said, we are going to hypothesize and do an experiment all without creating a packet of worksheets for them to complete.
Why does food decay? (Click for link)
We're TALKING, DISCUSSING, EXPLORING together, for fun... beginning to catch on? Covering benchmarks without needing to prove anything to anyone.  Just having fun with it and it only takes you 5-10 minutes once a week.  But I will tell you this, it is one of the most talked about, poured over and exciting things my kids do all week.  They keep going back to the science window and shout, "It's growing!" or "It's gone!"
Classroom Terrarium (Click for Link)

 They can't wait to tell others about it.  They're learning more by that exploration than filling in sentences or making a diagram. It's almost kind of like when we were young...learning for fun...and that is what we remember most. 

This time also provides time to discuss failed experiments with the students.
For example, the gummy bear experiment you see here was supposed to result in the gummy bears getting larger in water. Ours dissolved!  Great chance to discuss unexpected results, failing and trying again.
We have completed one 5-minute science activity since the last week in August and I cannot wait to see what the rest of this year holds! Now you can look forward to Mondays!
If you're looking for help with where to start, visit this Pinterest Search where you will find a ton of resources! Happy Sciencing!
I can't wait to see what you're doing! Post your pictures below or on my Facebook page!
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