Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bringing Back the Classics

In the day a time we live in, parents are often asking what we are doing to address technology in the classroom.  This year we were hit hard with the fact that our students may be savvy with techology but they couldn't hold a pencil.  Wow! Our plans came to a screeching halt (as they can in a private setting) and we had to reassess how to meet their needs better. There are many amazing benefits to technology, but don't throw all the old out. Below are some things I use in my classroom for two reasons: 1)because students probably haven't used them before and 2) there are great benefits from these practices below and I don't want them to be lost to future generations.


With all the chalkboards virtually extinct, we had to get creative and create our own.  I had some old, scratched whiteboards and sprayed them with chalkboar paint.  Chalkboards have something that whiteboards don't offer: the drag of the chalk across the board.  It takes a little more effort to drag the chalk across the board.  It is also a good chance for students to learn pencil grip while holding the chalk.

Felt Boards

When I pull out my felt board to tell a Bible story, some adults may look at me strange and wonder why I use something so ancient.  My students on the other hand are dying to get their hands on it. They have never seen them before! It is a nother sensory object they can hold and manipulate.  It is also very durable.  It allows the students to partake in the song or story as they place the pieces on the board.  You can also probably find a good deal on them online as they are slowly disappearing.

Finger Plays

I remember doing these as a child. They require only your memory as you sing a song or tell a story with your fingers.  They are quick to do when you have a few minutes or want the students to calm down.  Below is a link to Dr. Jean doing some finger plays.  It requires them to use sequencing, rhyme and coordination to complete this task.  At the end of Dr. Jean's videos she explains a little more about the importance of finger plays.


These are just few classics I like to keep going in my room.  I only see benefits to them and hope you will pick one or two to keep in your room. I'd love to hear about anything you use in your room that others might think is old and forgotten.  It's time to bring it back!

Minute Mommy

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