Saturday, June 11, 2016

Summer Slump

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Maybe I'm crazy, but I think I am in good company in saying this.  Every summer, after school is out, I go into what I call a summer slump.  It took me a few years of teaching to understand what was going on and why.  Now that I know what is coming, I begin preparing before the end of the year. Each year, the transition gets easier.  Having three young children, I can't just sit and watch Netflix all day, but even when I could, it began to get depressing and boring.  We run around crazy all year long, hardly stopping to go to the bathroom and eat sitting down.  Then summer comes and in between professional development and planning for the upcoming year, it is a hard adjustment to a slower life. 
Here are some tips for a relaxing, productive summer.  Hang out until the very end to take part of the giveaway!

  1. Keep a general schedule

Kids have had a strict schedule all year too and the adjustment can be just as hard on them, if not harder.  I used to think it was crazy to have a schedule during the summer, but now I realize my children need it.  Of course I don't strictly enforce it to the minute and daily activates change, but they like knowing what is coming next.  I've attached a general plan that we follow for the day during the summer.  Even if you don't have kids, try to have some sort of plan or goal for your day.

     2.  Set aside time each day for work and play

You have worked hard all year.  Enjoy sitting in the sun for an hour or drink coffee out of an actual mug instead of a travel cup. Don't allow yourself to feel guilty about enjoying down time.  Also take time each day/week to do some planning for the upcoming year.  This way you won't feel so much pressure during pre-planning.  Most of all, have fun with your family! This is when lasting memories are made.

    3.  Look for summer activities around town

  • Local libraries are an excellent place for free fun inside during the heat of the day.  My kids love to get books on CD and movies. 
  • Many local movie theaters offer $1 or free shows in the morning.  They show previously released kids movies.  
  • Splash pads are all around now and often are free or very inexpensive. 
  • Check out local attractions for seasonal passes.  Kids museums and science centers are great places to spend a hot afternoon. 
  •  My friends set up a "pool hop" schedule and all meet at each other's pools throughout the summer.

Below are some links of fun summer activities that are free or inexpensive.
          101 Things to do with Kids
          Fun Summer Activities

    4.  Let kids have down time

Each day (especially when my toddler naps) I have the older two either lie down or do a quiet activity like read or draw.  This allows for their minds (and voices) to take a break and it gives me an hour or so of time for myself.  A definite necessity!

   5.  Continue a hobby

Especially if you do not have kids, the summer is a great time to pick up that book you've wanted to finish all year or those knitting needles you put away.  Hobbies are a great way to refresh and recharge your body and mind.  If you do have kids, teach them one of your hobbies or learn a new one together!

And now for the goodies!
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