Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Classics Never Grow Old


It's time to celebrate! It has been a fun six weeks with you all!  I hope you've gathered a great pile of books to enter into the new year.  We end this summer's blog hop with a celebration giveaway!  Check out the Rafflecopter at the end of the post. 
 I've tried to nail down exactly why these books are classics to me.  I had each one of these titles on my bookshelf growing up and they were read to me several times during my bedtime routine.  My mom would read them with special voices and the librarian would introduce them to us on our weekly trips to the school library.  Along with these great story comes great memories...that is what makes them classics to me.

A Chocolate Moose for Dinner by Fred Gwynne

I remember hearing this book for the first time during a trip to the school library.  I thought it was hilarious!  I learned various idioms that I hadn't known before and the pictures still remain in my mind.  It's a great book and will keep the kids chuckling to see a car diving into a pool for "carpool".  A great story to introduce idioms or just for fun!

Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney

This is a beautiful true story of Miss Rumphius or the "Lupine Lady" and how she spread beauty around her community.  She planted lupines, a beautiful flower that still blooms along the coast of Maine until this day.  I love to read this book and make finger printed lupines with purple and white paint. Something about this story just captivated me as a child.  The pictures are beautiful and the fact that it is based on a true story makes it even more amazing.

Tiki, Tiki, Tembo by Arlene Mosel

I know I've mentioned my mom and her amazing talent to use voices during stories before, and here it is again.  I love how she rambled off Tiki, Tiki, Tembo's loooonnnnnngg name off as this Chinese tale was told.    I have acquired a few copies of the book and after I read it to my class, they all snatched them and attempted to reproduce his name.  They want me to read it again and again.

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst

This is such a great book for children and adults. We can all relate to Alexander as he mopes through the worst day he's experienced in his short life. I pull this out when I'm having a rough day and read it to the class.  Silly enough it makes me feel a little better and it keeps the class quite so I can regroup.  We talk about days they've had like that and how we can make the best of a rough situation.  It's also a comforting book for students as they realize that other kids have bad days too and they're not alone.

The Mitten by Alvin Tresset

Oh, the Mitten! The possibilities are endless! I remember the orange cover and bright blue and white pages as I snuggled in my Laura Ashley floral sheets.  This particular version is a classic for me, but there are also many other versions that are available.  The students love guessing which animal is going to pile into the mitten in the middle of the snowy forest. If you choose to use the Jan Bret version, she has some great resources on to use on her website.

Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel by Virginia Lee Burton

I love books by Virginia Lee Burton. Sometimes they are a little lengthy for kindergarteners, but I love the homey comfort they give.  Written in 1939, it explores life in a world so different from ours is today.  On the edge of newer technology, Mike and his steam shovel battle to be the best and work the hardest in a land that is ever changing and working harder and faster. A great story on friendship that can also be paired with Paul Bunyan.  These two stories share the similarities of friendship and working hard in a changing world.
Sadly, you will have to wait another week or two (once school gets up and running) to have your final book lists.  However, to make you feel better, I've added the linky for any related products you may have as well as a Rafflecopter giveaway of $25 for TPT!
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It's been a blessing to share with you all, please fill up your bookshelves!


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