Sunday, November 27, 2016

 Welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving (if you're in the U.S) and are getting excited for the Christmas season.  To help you get your class ready for the quick few weeks you'll be there,  I'm joining with some amazing teacher-authors to share some of our most wish-listed items in our stores.  We hope you will find some much needed resources and see what other teachers have said about them.  Teachers Pay Teachers is having a site-wide sale Monday and Tuesday November 28-29 so get your carts ready!

I wondered what all the fuss was about with interactive notebooks. I thought they looked cool, but what's the big deal.  Now I'm hooked! This Interactive notebook bundle was a spin off of my K-2 regions bundle (below).  I know not a lot of K-2 teachers may get to the regions of the U.S., but I'm sure 3-5 grades do.  This U.S. Regions bundle takes the boring pages of a geography book and bring them alive! Short of visiting the states themselves, this pack will excite your students as they learn more about this amazing country! Color, cut and glue pieces into a notebook which becomes more than just taking notes as they interactively move pieces and review information they have learned.
As a kindergarten teacher and mom of two boys (and one girl), I often try to think like a boy. What would a boy like to do in school? What  better way to learn than to use Legos! Print out in color and laminate or place in sheet protectors. The students can build right on the mats, or use them as a guide as they build on another surface. The mats could also be printed and used as letters for a word wall or your classroom alphabet.
They are differentiated to fit many learning needs.
A beginner learner is going to simply build and identify the letters. An on-level learner will complete the letter and the on-level worksheet. An above-level learner will build the letter and complete the more advanced activity.
The alphabet mat which contains all the letters on one page, can be given to each student and has many uses.

When I got to my new school 4 years ago, I was told to teach the regions of the U.S. but there was no curriculum for kindergarten. This unit was what got me started on TPT.  After a couple of years of editing and fine-tuning each region, I came up with a product that I love to teach and the kids love to learn from.  I figured if I needed it, maybe other teachers were looking for something too.  And the rest, is history...(or geography).  Each unit includes everything you need to teach your k-2 students about the region of the Midwest, West, Southeast, Southwest and Northeast. Included in this pack are Thinking maps, matching, cut and paste, sentence building, an assessment and end of the unit report.

Hop on over to the lovely hostess of this lovely link up, Amanda from Daisy Designs! Click the picture below to view other teacher-authors and their top 3 wishlisted items!


  1. Love the looks of these products! The letter building set is my fave!

  2. We're doing regions of the US right now! Good luck tomorrow. :)

  3. Love these, particularly the brick mats. Good luck with the sale

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