Saturday, January 7, 2017

11 Tips for using a Portable Alphabet

These cards are very simplistic but have so many uses I can't even list them all here.  I received these large index cards one year in the school supplies from a parent and tried to think of a way I could use them.  I simply used a die-cut machine and cut out the alphabet in various colors.  You could also cut out the lowercase letters.  I  glued them down on the blank side and laminated them.  On the back of these cards are large primary lines perfect for writing .  This is why I like these better than already printed alphabet cards.  You could even place a sticker on the letter indicating the starting point when writing it.

I have used these cards on a weekly basis for years and it is one tool I never get tired of because there are so many options! The kids love them because they can get up and around with many of these activities and it's a win for you because it's great for assessing content mastery.

Here is a list of ideas to use with these cards:

  • Trace with whiteboard marker
  • Write words that begin with the letter on the back
  • Wikki-stix/Bendaroos to form the letter
  • Form letter using beans, noodles or rice
  • Lay letters on the floor. Students stand on a letter and say the sound
  • Lay letters down, sort words/pictures under the correct sound (beginning, middle or ending)
  • Hide letters around the room. Students find the letter that makes the ....sound
  • Hand each student a letter and they go find something in the room that starts with that sound.
  • Spell a CVC word by stepping on the correct letters
  • Step on the letter that you hear in the (beginning, middle, end) of the word ......
  • Stand on a letter and tell a word that starts or ends with it
I've created cards for you to copy and cut apart. Put them in bag or jar and grab one when you need a quick idea for an activity for the class or a station!


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